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This book has been produced with consent from the game's creator, Eric Chahi, and has been curated with his guidance. (He is apparently a fan of the gay stuff. haha!)

And that means the game's creator supports the idea that these two could be a gay couple in the original story as well? If he is, then this is the cutest shit ever. 

Yep, you're right! he told me in one of our many email conversations that he thought about that concept during the game's development but decided to leave any obvious things out because of the potential of bad reception. his whole philosophy surrounding the game is letting the player have their own ideas about the story. 

that being said, in the original '91 Amiga version of the game, the manual contains a Xerox scan of a hand written note that's meant to be written by Lester just after Buddy helps him escape. (it's in French ofc) but it basically says that Lester was very grateful to meet his new friend and hopes he'll see him again. it's really cute. lol. so knowing that bit of lore, it's pretty fun to imagine how happy Lester is when Buddy appears to save him yet again, in his own reserved kind of way. there's a lot of small bits of lore like that which enhance the perception of the characters. ☺️ I don't think it was unintentional on Eric's part. 

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I've just read all that, and now I have stupid smile on my face... It makes the whole game and this artbook even more cooler. x3


Eyo, good stuff. Seeing gay fanart for a relatively obscure 90’s platformer sure throws me for a loop, but these are some of the warmest, fuzziest drawings I've seen, so I'm not complaining.

I’d only heard of Another World in passing around eight or nine years ago, when my father would mention it and show me clips. I've never looked into it further until this (lucky?) coincidence, when your art instantly made the memory resurface . It’s only 10 euro on Steam, so I should just give it a shot already.

Also, getting Chachi to approve this is some next level stuff. I genuinely chuckled when I saw that note in the description. That's so cool!